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(Rules might change once in a while. When this happens it will be announced at the Discord announcement tab.)

Discord rules

  1. Do not troll. Do not insult other members. Keep subjects to channels those designated. Read #guidelines for further information.
  2. Speak English only.
  3. Utilize the forums to dispute a ban or mute, not the Discord server.
  4. No NSFW content.
  5. No intentional spamming.
  6. Do not add spammy songs to the MusicBot queue.

When you have connected to Discord you will find next to a general tab also a guidelines and announcement tab, please read those.

Ingame rules

  1. Do your job and follow your objective.
  2. Do not troll. Do not insult other players.
  3. Do not spam the chat.
  4. Utilize the forums to dispute a ban or file a complaint in case of disagreement, not in the game.
  5. Do not attempt to harm the server. Do not exploit.
  6. Do not impersonate administrators or other players.
  7. Speak English only.

Violation of these rules may result in a kick from the server, by players or our administration team. Continue to violate and it may result in ban.

Forum rules

    Basic Forum Rules

    1. Respect staff and respect will be given in return.
    2. Do not spam.
    3. No NSFW content.
    4. Do not post illegal content.

    Appeal and Complaint Rules

    1. Use given formats.
    2. If your appeal is simply flaming then your appeal will be closed immediately.
    3. Don't post in a ban appeal/request that you aren't involved in.
    4. Do not attempt to go around the banning admin to get unbanned.
    5. Evolving problems with staff may be reported in a complaint.
    6. Post evidence to support your claim, if possible.

Check out ranking and role information at the forum if interested.

Did you read the rules? Fill in your username here to show that you agree with the rules. Thanks!

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