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First of all, we want to tell you that if you made it here without knowing Barotrauma, you are able to get it here. Second, cool that you like the game just like us, don't forget to share it with everyone you know!

This website has the purpose to inform and link the community of who play on our BT Public servers. These are servers I (Landon) am hosting to let people play Barotrauma (the game) 24/7 online, which is pure fun! When I discovered this game, the server browser was basically dead. I decided to what I like most in my spare time: Hosting a dedicated server to let people have some multiplayer fun!

(See about for previous hosting experiences i've worked on, and to get to know me better.)

Please don't forget to check out Discord for direct communication and reporting players that violate the rules, also important to check!

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Someone ruining the fun at our servers? Reporting a player is easy! Click Player reporting or go directly by clicking here

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Server submarines

Would like to see your submarine at the servers? Add it to the Steam Workshop and we will check it!