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New leaderboard functionality in use!


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Barotrauma Server Patreon

Ever since we upgraded our webhost, monthly payments have been inevitable. This increased with around 20 Euro's monthly when we added a second server (VPS). Thanks to donations over the years, it's been possible to run our additional servers via donations for a long time (also thanks to a special offer at the time of our VPS host). Donation money is/has been running out, but services continue to be used and thus require to be payed.

Therefore the decision to set up a Patreon! It's been on the to do list for a while already as after a while it became clear that single donations are great to start something new, but not enough to keep what has been started. I'ts certainly not 'the' solution. It all depends on interest in the community of keeping our (additional) servers alive! Even the smallest bits help in this case. In short: Nothing is guarenteed but not having any options to (apart from single donations) upkeep the servers financially will not help either. Hopefully we can keep our servers and potentially even grow further!

Check out the updated donation page for futher information related to our new Patreon, or check out Patreon straight away!


Public leaderboard

The newest addition to the website is a leaderboard/karma functionality making decisions based on actions by players in the logs. What is expected to achieve with this improvement? Competition in a good form, giving motivation to succeed rounds, generating the need to focus on players that may possibly have bad intentions! Most important, what can it do? Here is a short list:

  • Reading logs on both servers and registrating players.
  • Players gain a score for succeeding in rounds.
  • Score is based on how many survived the round.
  • You are able to change your name.
  • You are able to register your name + score and regain it incase of IP change.

Recommended is to read the 'How does it work?' short given information. Feel free to check it out!


New player reporting functionality

Originally suggested by a member of our community, named ProPatte, a functionality has been put in use that replaces the existing forum reporting handling. As the forum handling was quite cumbersome and taking a while to add, this new reporting overview does the opposite. You will be able to login with forum credentials, create reports, overview status of your reports and see your place in the report creating leaderboard. Administrators will be given a list of incoming reports and are able to handle them quickly, with all given information. Below a sum up of given capabilities:

  • Login with forum credentials.
  • Create a report at any page quickly.
  • Overview your accepted, denied and awaiting reports.
  • Notifications on login about accepted or denied reports.
  • A leaderboard allowing you to compare your activity with other reporters.
  • Administrators are given an overview of awaiting and daily handled reports.
  • This will completely replace the existing forum handling.

A public user guide has been created to help you through the pages:


Server #2

After a month of testing the new Strato VPS Windows V30, a decision has been made to put a second server online for aslong as we can! Thanks to all donators, we are able to host a second server on a VPS for 10 months. The server will be running on a V20 VPS by Strato. While testing we found out that the dedicated version of Barotrauma leaves room for downgrading the VPS, which results in cheaper prices and longer hosting! The server itself is identical to server #1. Administration is done on both servers. Check out the donation page for more detailed information about the server.

Server information

NAME: BT Public 24/7 #2


PORT: 14242


BS Updates!

 Public ban list 
Next to the 'news archive' button, there is a new button leading to the Public ban list. It is usefull for leading banned players to the forum for appeal and showing reasons of banning, check it out!

 BS-Staff panel 
This panel is usefull for me and staff, and combines some existing tools I've made together in one. It's also the base layer of making it possible to 100% surely ban players when needed.

When we have tested the path of banning a player and administrator environment, I will open the administrator application at the forum!


New Sub!

I've created my own first sub for this game and I'm happy to share it! You can download it here.


Forum online!

Forum is now online, the link in the navigation bar is no longer disabled, check it out now!



Server information is now realtime. This means you are able to see if the server is online, how many players play and if the round started or not.



Forum is currently under construction


Website online!

The central point for the 24/7 Barotrauma Server is online. You can now use this website to connect yourself to Discord, check the server status and gain information.



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Server submarines

Would like to see your submarine at the servers? Add it to the Steam Workshop and we will check it!