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Why Donate?

Thank you for looking at this page! To keep a possible second server online, it requires a payment each month. This is more expensive for me than hosting at home. Especially because the server needs average specifications for this game.

From the start, the idea was to keep a stash of money. This got pretty far! Eventually we gathered up to around 150 Euro's, allowing us to start a second server and host it for months even until today. Unfortunetaly, a stash will eventually run out. Therefore a Patreon has been set up. A patreon will not only allow us to have our costs covered and have our servers exist for an undetermined period of time, it will also allow us to expand our amount of servers and improve our services. Ofcourse, a single donation is still possible and more than welcome.

Below you can check different types of donations, ofcourse you are allowed to send any amount of donation you like, with each their own extra's. Donations and subscriptions will go directly to improvements or montly costs of our services only.

Below you can see information about the current amount we have stored!



A Barotrauma Server Patreon has been set up! Feel free to check it out here or click on the right 'box' below. Purpose of our Patreon in first place is to achieve a brighter future in terms of costs. Right now everything is payed directly by me (Landon) as we have ran out of our 'stashed' money and the VPS special offer is no longer counting. Not only it would be great to have this covered, a more stable monthly amount also allows to expand in amount of servers or other services!

Single donationPaypal

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Patreon subscriptionPaypal

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(starting from $1 or more per month)

Previous donations

2019-08-14 BladeVortex €10.00

2019-03-06 Zaccy €5.00

2018-07-23 OfficerCadetSnow €5.00



BT Public 24/7 #3 / BT Public 24/7 #4

VPS: Strato VPS Windows V30

Status: Online

Running by donations: Partially

No months left. Check Patreon if subscriptions are helping us covering the costs!

Current price VPS
€25 per month
Current amount stored
How many months have we left for hosting server #2?
Dependant on Patreon subscriptions


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